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From Home to SpeakCheasy Success

January 16th 1920 at 12 a.m. the prohibition has come into effect. Banning the manufacture, transportation or sale of any alcohol.

The Speakcheasy is a prohibition themed tasting lounge located beneath J’adore Fine Cheese and Chocolate, exclusively open Friday and Saturday evenings. The nostalgic atmosphere singing Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong will transport your back to the 1920’s from their gin based cocktails served in tea cups (just in case a raid erupts) to their dim lighting and history posted wherever your eyes wander.

The Speakcheasy’s menu focuses on dishes to share and dishes to have all to yourself. Gourmet cheese plates and fondues are some of the favourites on the menu

Their monthly events are carefully crafted to send you on a journey exploring fine cheeses and beverages from around the world.  Scotch Nosing’s, Beer and Cheese Tastings and Wine and Cheese presentations are just a few of the crowd pleasers. The Speakcheasy is an environment that will have your eyes dancing across the walls right down to your plate. Drink in the history is this spectacular joint. 

You can find their events listed HERE

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