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“Explore our lengthy list of Giggle Water which includes craft beer, impressive wines and our famous prohibition tea cup drink  “No Lettuce. No Tiger Milk.”

Tip: If a raid blasts in you’re best to be drinking out of a tea cup


Enjoy a light drink that has some dark history. The preferred beverage of bootlegger Al Capone and his crew. Al Capone’s gang ran the south side of Chicago hence the name South Side Fizz. The North Side’s rival booze runners were bringing in a smoother gin to their speakeasies, which made gin with a splash of ginger ale a little easier on tongue. But the South Side’s gin had a much rougher bite, and so more elements were added to make it the high demand drink it became.

NEW – Spicy Maiden, Pimms Cup, Strawberry Gin Fizz & Penicillan


Named in 1926. The inspiration for the title was apparently a 75mm Howitzer field gun used by the French and the Americans in World War 1. The gun was known for its accuracy and speed, and the French 75 is said to have such a kick that it felt like being hit by just such a weapon.


Another bathtub gin-based cocktail that came to fame in Prohibition was this sweet drink. The Speaks delectable cocktail  is a twist on the orignal, combining gin with honey syrup, lemon juice,  Amaro and a dash of bee pollen. Like the South Side Fizz, these sweet ingredients were intended to smooth off the jagged edges of the illegal hooch.


Erdinger Dunkel Carefully selected dark malts with delicate roasting aromas give ERDINGER Dunkel its full-bodied flavor and strong character. This elegant wheat beer has a lustrous, deep dark-brown appearance in the glass. The first sip reveals a harmonious symphony of carefully selected wheat and barley malts with exquisite Hallertau aroma hops. The taste buds detect hints of caramel, nuts and fresh bread. An unmistakable top-fermenting accent is provided by ERDINGER’s traditional yeast.


Alcohol volume: 8.5% ABV
Colour and sight: pale blond, the fine and regular effervesce ensures a fine and stable head.
Scent: Slightly malty, a nice touch of alcohol, spicy.
Flavour: Feels like the sound shot of alcohol is igniting the mouth. In reality the tongue and palate are warmed.
The taste is characterized by its roundness. The aftertaste is strong, long-lasting and dry bitter.