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COVID-19 Response *UPDATED November 2020*

We are coming up with some new creative ways to experience The Speakcheasy once again! Follow us on social media for all the details of ticketed pairings we offer, whether it be socially distanced in The Speakcheasy or virtual pairings! 

J’adore is taking this opportunity to offer a special “Pickup Menu” so that you may still enjoy the comfort of lovely cheese in your own home.

For more information please visit      J’adore’s Pickup Menu

Please continue to support your local, independently owned small businesses. We/they need you now more than ever

We wish you a happy and Safe Holiday Season!

The SpeakCheasy

A hidden door attached to J’adore Fine Cheese and Chocolate takes you down an historical staircase that leads you to an nostalgic atmosphere that transports you to a 1920’s SpeakEasy, or as we call it The SpeakCheasy.

Listen to the sweet sounds of the greats, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong while pairing Al Capone’s signature drink The South Side Fizz with cheese from around the world.

Explore our lengthy list of Libations which include an impressive wines and scotch list, prohibition tea cup drinks as well as craft cocktails. Hint: Try the Smoked Old Fashioned!

The Speakcheasy is an environment that will have your eyes dancing across the walls right down to your plate.



123 Dunlop Street East Barrie L4M 1A6

Exclusive Hours



SpeakCheasy: 705-503-6632